Chilled Out Testimonials

“I genuinely love my drumming lessons – they’re all unique and such good fun. Craig teaches from the heart and it’s obvious he’s enjoying it as much as I am. Before I started learning the drums I had no musical background at all, but that didn’t bother Craig – we started from scratch and I’ve never looked back. Craig’s always really supportive, enthusiastic and encouraging, but never puts on any pressure. One of my favourite things about my drum lessons is Craig’s approach in mixing technique like sticking and pieces from books with playing along to tracks. This is one of my weaknesses and Craig has really helped me see how one can help the other. I’m getting better at playing to tracks and Craig is good at challenging me with new tracks. I never know exactly what I might be playing to when I walk in!” – Holly
“Fantastic tuition by Craig, in a relaxed ‘chilled’ atmosphere. There is always a warm happy welcome for my son, lessons are made fun & Craig changes the way he teaches to suit his students learning style. Can’t recommend highly enough” – Rachel

“I’m a later starter to drumming. To make up for lost time I needed some proper tuition on the fundamentals. I needed someone to get me playing the right way, rather than trying to be a rock star. I’ve got that from Craig. His approach is on my wavelength. He knows what I need to do and how to get me there” – Richard

“The Very Best Drum Teacher in the UK at the very least!!!! I have been taught by other drum teachers who were boring and went through the motions, but, Craig is different he teaches from the heart, he has a real passion for the drums, he is up to date and knows what is required from today’s drummers, he brings out the very best in his students.” – Jayson

“I never really believed that I would ever consider myself a ‘real drummer’. However, after only 8 months of Craig’s’ lessons, I’m playing fills & beats that I still can’t quite believe is me! Craig loves teaching the drums as much as he does playing, and as a student it is this enthusiasm that motivates me to practice and develop as a drummer. Carlsberg don’t do drum teachers, but if they did………………………” – Colin